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"When I called (Lambert Bros. Paving), it was with a bit of an emergency.
They responded very promptly, came in, did their job, picked up after
themselves and left a clean site. The quality of their work is very

Rene Lavoie
Kleysen Transport


Better Crack Repairs with a 3-Year Guarantee

We only use Hot-Applied Elastomeric Compound.We found this rubber compound best for Western Canada's colder climates. This product is elastic, remains flexible at -40° and won't break or crack. This sealant is ready for traffic within minutes and will not track, pick up or bleed.

Although specialized equipment and techniques are required for applying the sealant it is extremely cost effective since it will outperform every other system by years. It is the same system that the City of Calgary uses to seal cracks. 

Doing The Job Right!

As a general rule, the more care taken in preparation, the longer the sealant will last. At Lambert Bros. Paving we do cracks right:
all cracks (less than 3/8" wide) are routed to provide a reservoir for the sealant.
all cracks are blasted clean and dried with a revolutionary high velocity compressed air Heat Lance. This ensures that the crack is properly prepared.
we melt the sealant in a kettle where the proper application temperature is maintained then transferred to a heat applicator squeegee machine.
finally the squeegee machine neatly deposits the sealant in the prepared crack.

Why Seal Pavement Cracks?

Crack Fillers and Sealants: Which One to Use?

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