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"Lambert Bros. Paving did the parking lot at our Fish Creek location. They
showed up on time, they did the job on budget and worked very hard to do a
first class job for us! We will be contacting them again."

Ernie Hagel
McInnis and Holloway Funeral Homes



Prolong and protect you asphalt.

Asphalt is sand, rock and oil. The sand and rock is relatively permanent and usually will not fail. The oil is the binder that holds it all together and unfortunately it is highly susceptible to problems with sun, water and traffic so it needs to be sealcoated.

A good asphalt pavement seldom wears out; external factors destroy the asphalt oil that binds it all together. Slowly at first, quickly as time goes on. The deterioration begins as soon as the asphalt is installed. Just watch the colour turn from rich black to oxidized gray in no time. The sun dries out the natural oils and resins that are essential for the pavements strenght and flexability. Soon cracks form and before you know it you have the the start of a maintenance problem. Water will seep into the base and soften it, or freeze and expand it. Soon the pavement starts to deteriorate, creating a larger more expensive problem. Sealing is not a substitute for repairs to damaged surfaces. It can, however, prolong the life of weathered surfaces and prevent good surfaces from becoming damaged.

MICRO PAVE 2000 was specifically developed in the laboratory (by Lambert Bros. Paving) to address western Canada's climatic conditions. We manufacture this thick, tough compound here in Calgary and find that it is different from any other product on the market. MICRO PAVE 2000 becomes part of the pavement — not only sealing it, but also providing a new wear surface. This cost effective process can renew your pavement appearance and maintain its original condition by protecting it from the damaging effects of oxidation, water penetration, UV rays, chemicals, etc. For more information click on the links below or call (403) 287-3252.

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