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Lambert Bros. Paving provides a wide range of services to our customers in and around Calgary, from new asphalt paving, to maintenance and repair of existing pavement. We specialize in residential driveways and commercial parking lots.

Our Services Include:

  • Asphalt Paving
    Specializing in Acreage Driveways, Condominiums, and Parking lots.
  • Pavement Management Planning
    Protect the future of your asphalt investment by examining maintenance alternatives, funding, priorities, and other factors to provide your property with the highest level of pavement condition and life span.
  • Resurfacing / Overlays
    Install a new layer of asphalt over a worn existing surface after (optional) repairs have been made and (optional) crack membrane installed.
  • patching
    Repairing deteriorate pavement. Remove and replace alligator or block cracking, Fix sunken areas, pot holes, drainage problems, base failure, frost heaves, etc.
  • Seal Coating
    Designed to protect asphalt pavements from the damaging effects of the environment, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation.
  • Slurry Sealing
    Cost-effective maintenance procedure intended to extend the life of mature asphalt pavements that are still structurally sound.
  • Crack Filling
    Rubberized material designed to seal joints and cracks against moisture infiltration into the sub-grade.
  • Speedhumps/bumps

We have briefly described these services below and have provided direct links to more in-depth information about each service.

We provide free consultation and help in developing a proactive plan for asphalt maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of pavement systems.

Call for a free estimate and consultation 287-3252.

Asphalt Paving

Paved asphalt surfaces are designed to provide on average 25 years of use. The aesthetics of any property are enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professionally constructed pavement. Other benefits include enhanced safety because tripping hazards are minimized, improved dust control, and reduced maintenance time. Asphalt paving falls into three categories: New Construction, Resurfacing (with or without Paving Fabric) and patching.

New Construction: is the building of new asphalt services. First, excavation and grading of the area are performed as necessary to establish correct grade and drainage. Next, an aggregate base course is placed and compacted. Finally, a specifically designed asphalt mix is applied to present a finished surface based on the customer's needs. More info

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Pavement Management Planning

As a management tool this plan enables you to plan your pavement maintenance so you can maintain your parking lot in the most cost-effective way. PMP is a planned, systematic, long-term approach that ties together all the various maintenance and rehabilitation options under one plan.

First we take inventory of the lot by measuring and recording what we find. Then we assess the condition of the asphalt and rank the defects and recommend repairs. These repairs are ranked from the most cost-effective to least cost-effective not just worst area to best. In many cases, it is more cost effective to let certain defects go a year or two and repair other defects in the meantime. That is because some repairs - rather than fix a defect - will prevent more costly defects from occurring. More info

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Probably the least understood of all maintenance options, an overlay can be your best friend if it done in time. An overlay, as its name implies, is simply a new pavement placed over top of an existing pavement section, often with a paving fabric interlayer. The thickness of an overlay is typically 1 1/2 inches, but type and amount of traffic as well as individual customer's needs are also considered.

With the proper application, an overlay can build on what you already have invested in your road or parking lot, eliminating the need for removal and replacement. Sometimes an overlay can provide for a longer life than a new section can and at half to two-thirds of the cost. More Info

Paving Fabric:
By simply resurfacing the parking lot with asphalt we will re-strengthen the lot but the cracks will reflect through. Cracks are the first sign of deterioration. Open cracks allow water to enter and this will get between the layers and lead to further and faster deterioration. This is why the Lambert Bros. strongly recommend using a non-woven geosynthetic paving fabric.

How Fabric works:
Stresses related to cracking in the existing pavement are transmitted or reflected into the new overlay. By using the proper fabric interlayer system we provide a medium that absorbs the stress which greatly retards the propagation of cracks. This interlayer also allows the overlay and the existing pavement to move independently without building up high-tensile stresses thus allowing the asphalt to flex more times before cracking. One analogy to help understand this is that plywood can be bent many more times before cracking than can a solid wood board of the same thickness. Beam mechanics explain that the thicker the beam, the greater the amount of tensile stress at the base, for a given amount of flexure. In short, by using a geo-synthetic fabric you maximize the benefits of resurfacing this parking lot.

This is a special type of crack membrane installed before a resurfacing layer to retard crack reflection from the old pavement. The membrane can "flex" with the movement of the original pavement system so every block cracked area doesn't need to be removed before resurfacing. In many applications, this is more cost effective than a patch and resurface operation.

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Excavate, Remove and Replace
This rehabilitation patching method is used for areas of severely damaged pavement that needs to be removed before the pavement can be properly repaired. At Lambert Bros. we cut at least one foot beyond the deteriorated and broken asphalt to ensure that all the weakened asphalt is removed after which we restabilize the base. The depth of the removal will be determined by the traffic expected on that area of the pavement, and the condition of the existing subbase. More Info

Skin patching
Skin patches are patches generally 1 inch or less in thickness. Sometimes skin patches are used to fill depressions, in which case the patch could be as thick as three or four inches. A skin patch goes over the existing pavement and is only used when there is no base failure, to achieve drainage or for a low budget short term "Quick Fix".

Skin patches generally use a fine sand aggregate as opposed to coarse aggregate because the edges of the patch are "feathered" out to zero thickness.

Usually skin patched areas are used to improve the appearance of pavement that has ravelled or to stop water penetration due to puddles.

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In the case of asphalt maintenance, a gallon of prevention (sealcoat) is worth a ton of cure (asphalt). LITERALLY. Sealcoat provides two essential benefits - surface preservation and aesthetic improvement.

Sealcoating can prolong the life of weathered surfaces and prevent good surfaces from becoming damaged. More Info

Economics of Sealcoating 1998-2013

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Slurry Sealing

More than a Pavement Sealcoat...
Micro Pave 2000 is a thick tough asphalt rejuvenator that can be applied to excessively rough and worn pavement where the surface voids are 6 mm to 2 cm deep. Micro Pave 2000 provides a new skid resistant wearing surface that stops deterioration at approximately 1/3 the cost of hot mix asphalt overlay. More Info

Sealing can only be applied when temperatures stay above freezing for 24 hours. In Western Canada this time frame is from May to September (if we are lucky). Advanced booking of projects is suggested. Especially for jobs that must be done on a weekend.

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Crack Filling

Used to treat isolated random cracks in pavement. Cracks are routed (optional) and cleaned with high powered blowers, then a hot elastomeric (rubberized) compound is placed into the void. Crack Filling prevents surface water from migrating through a pavement structure and into the sub-grade. More info

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Speedhumps are large traffic calming devices used by municipalities and homeowner's associations to reduce speeding and cut through traffic on streets. Speedhumps are usually 22' deep.

Speedbumps are narrow traffic calming devices used in parking lots to protect pedestrians. Speedbumps are 3-4' deep, 3" high and painted white or yellow.

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